List view showing records that don't belong (not Interface)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

i'm trying to create a List view using the list feature that was rolled out earlier this year. i have three linked tables: Events, People, and Tasks. Events is the top level. There will be a number of People associated with each event. Each event will have Tasks and each task will be assigned to one person. The task record is linked to both the assignee and the event. The task record can be linked to only one person and only one project.

I expected that the list view would then show me a summary of each event, with the people who are associated with the event, and the tasks that are assigned to each person.

My organization runs many events, and some of our people are associated with many of those events. If i assign a task for one event to one person, and ALSO assign a task for a different event to that same person, then in the list view, it is showing tasks that aren't connected to the event under that event. 

here are some screenshots that i hope will help.

Screenshot (24).png


Screenshot (25).png

Thanks for any help you can give on how to sort this out.

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