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Page Designer - Is this setup even possible (TV/Film 1 Liner)

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Hi there amazing community! I am working on a full setup for indy film to be able to do most tasks in AirTable. I have several documents that are required and not sure how to accomplish them.

In this case it is a sheet called the "1 Liner" that details out the basic schedule for upcoming filming days. It can encompass multiple days. Currently I have a table/view that contains specifics: 


Not a problem so far, I can easily print this directly or create a Designer for it. My problem is that it needs to eventually look similar to this with the added brown and black lines with details: 


Each of these lines is specific to that "spot" and unique to the situation. I can set up another table with fields that are, say, specific to a date and time but I don't know how to make that all work together for print purposes. Will I need ANOTHER table that somehow merges everything? Or...? I've been mulling this over for quite some time and can't see a simple solution.

I hope this actually makes sense!


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