Page Designer - Is this setup even possible (TV/Film 1 Liner)

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi there amazing community! I am working on a full setup for indy film to be able to do most tasks in AirTable. I have several documents that are required and not sure how to accomplish them.

In this case it is a sheet called the "1 Liner" that details out the basic schedule for upcoming filming days. It can encompass multiple days. Currently I have a table/view that contains specifics: 


Not a problem so far, I can easily print this directly or create a Designer for it. My problem is that it needs to eventually look similar to this with the added brown and black lines with details (note the colors are not what is important, the specific details are): 


Each of these lines is specific to that "spot" and unique to the situation. I can set up another table with fields that are, say, specific to a date and time but I don't know how to make that all work together for print purposes. Will I need ANOTHER table that somehow merges everything? Or...? I've been mulling this over for quite some time and can't see a simple solution.

I hope this actually makes sense!


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Hi @Shannon_Bradley ,

One feature that does not carry over form Excel/Sheets is that freedom of locating any data in any cell on the page or merging multiple cells. In Airtable, you have some ways to change how the data is displayed, but it will be always show as records with columns (fields) of specific type.

What could possibly help to make it more visual is adding Color to the rows using single select to determine the type of row?


Maybe you could check it Timeline view, grouped by locations gives you a better visual view on the situation?

Let me know if that helps!




Thank you for this, but it isn't actually the color that is important, it is the specific information in those colored spaces. 

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! I generally just create a new record for any slug, and make the name of it the only info in there. It's not EXACTLY a stripboard, but kind of the same? I don't have to worry about INT/EXT or DAY/NIGHT - but you can see the little purple blobs on the left - the colors can easily be set to respond to that data. Hope this helps!