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6 - Interface Innovator


We have an Email Tracker table in our base with a lot of data rows, so I want to move that table to it's own base to avoid maxing out our limits too quickly.

The Email Tracker table is fairly independent, with the exception of 2 data columns:

  • 1 linked records field (linking to the Campaigns table)
  • 1 look up field that is pulling in the "campaign owner" from that same Campaigns table

I'm not sure how to best maintain the 22,000 rows of data already linking to the Campaigns table in our primary base.

The Email Tracker base will have a Campaigns table that is synced to the original one in our primary base. However, I'm not sure how to get the linked records fields that are currently looking to the primary Campaigns table to now look at the synced version of that campaigns table that I created in the new base, short of manually updating all 22,000 rows!

I did a test, pulling in all the information of the Email Tracker. The linked Campaigns field and Campaign Owner field retained their data, but put it all in regular text fields. The link to the linked record is broken. Hoping there's an automated way to maintain the linked connection!



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12 - Earth

It's very easy, providing any of 2 tables has unique primary field. Just create new linked field in other synced table, and copy-paste whole text field there. If you don't have unique primary, temporary substitute it with other unique, sync, do the 'relink copy-paste', return to source and restore fields order. Links will remain.
If you have no unique at all - create it (temporary, just for linking) using formula and several fields. You can even add RECORD_ID() formula (which turning to text at synced table) and use as unique field to link. 

Thanks for responding. Glad to hear it's easy! Unfortunately, I'm not understanding what you mean exactly.

I've created a screencast to show where I'm confused.

When you copy single value and nothing happens it means it can't find such value in the primary field of the other table. In usual tables, it would create new empty record with that value and link. In synced, new record can't be auto-created.

When you solve it, ungroup the table (to see whole table summaries and to be able to select whole field), select 'Unique' at the bottom of primary field, If the field is 100% unique, number of unique items should be equal to records count.
Then select other table and do the copy-paste.