Multiple Budget IDs allocated in budget tracker

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a budget tracker where an item needs to be allocated with multiple budget IDs in one column and the other column should specify the amounts that each of the budget IDs are been allocated which will give me the sum of total allocated amount in a column separately.  Lets say the below Opex Amount should be for the Budget IDs OP23_310_ProdEng_SW_001 and OP23_310_ProdEng_SW_002 for 300,000 USD and 250,000 USD each. I should be able to identify these separately as well as a total. 

Why I need them separately is I am doing a roll up function in another tracker which has the total approved amount, spent amount(which is rolled up from the above details) and remaining amount. 



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You can add rollup field. Even 2 for your task - like first SUM(values), second - ARRAYJOIN(values)