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Possible way of setting up:linked records DRAWING info from multi select field

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Hey AT peeps!
So the image shown is the multi select our attendees are going to select one or many. These represent real data in another “Training Calendar” base and table:
So the question is, how can I, possibly an automation, “attach” the actual event from this second pic/table, based on their entry/selection? since the field is a multi select, I’d need to be able to have multiple “events” attached.

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I assume you’re using a multi-select field instead of a Link field for styling purposes? Could you just let attendees select from the Calendar records directly?

An Automation would be possible, but since the Select options don’t match the names of the Training Calendar records and users can select more than one option, the setup will be trickier than it otherwise could be.

I guess I could have that option being fed from the events, but the naming isn’t as pretty as the data is stored in a specific way, however it could be an option.

The form was setup for quickness without any linked data.



Also noted. I thought there could be an “equal” table where:
Multi select #1 = Event Date #1
Multi select #2 = Event Date #2

If you edit your select options slightly to include their number (1, 2, 3…) and if your table of events had an Event Number field, you could use an Automation Find Records step that matches based on the Event number. This may be a formula field that extracts just the number part.

Trigger when new form responses. Find Records in the Training Calendar table where Event Number = Event Number from form submission.

Aha! That’s sort of what I was thinking, but wasn’t sure how to approach it. I’ll definitely try that :).

Solution formula to extract event auto number:
REPLACE({Which Session(s) did you attend: (Check all that apply)},0,SEARCH(“#”,{Which Session(s)})+1,“”)