Simple Bills/Finance Tracker setup

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello all, this may be one of those things where I am trying to think too complicated 😉

I have a base for my finances -I just need to list my recurring bills, my paydates, and have an output showing a running total of how much $$ needs to be in my account to cover those things.

So Table 1 has the Expense


Table 2 has Income dates


Table 3 Budget then has a record for every payment, linking to the Expense and the PayDate. I manually create each record and link the PayDate to the one most appropriate (so the date of the next PayDate). I then Group based on that next paydate. Once the payment clears my account I check it off as complete.


So the goal is that here for the "current" bill cycle May 17th I still need to keep $295.14 in the relevant bank  account. For the next bill cycle I will need $2783.67; but since that IS the paydate and I know the $$ coming in will cover that, I don't need to worry about it yet.

So I'm not budgeting in the traditional sense, just tracking how much $$ needs to be in the correct account at any given time. I don't need reminders, I don't need breakdowns and reporting. Just the current needed total.

I would LIKE to be able to have these records auto-create based on their frequency, and link to the correct "bill cycle paydate" though that part is easy enough.

I've been through Universe and there isn't anything this simple - yet complex apparently lol.  Am I overthinking it? Do I need to continue every few months to spend hours creating ands linking records?


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