Add new record from linked field in an interface form

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4 - Data Explorer

I have the following case history:
a base with multiple tables interconnected with each other;
I've created an interface form to populate one of these tables;
In this interface I have a field that allows me to select a record linked to another table;
In this field, again from the interface, I have the possibility to choose only existing records;
Is there a way to add, from the interface form, a new record directly from the field with the drop-down list?

create new record in linked field.jpg


Directly from table this is possible, but not from the interface form or any form view.

add linked record from data.jpg


Many thanks

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No, that is not possible with Airtable’s forms, but you have 3 good workarounds for this:

1. Give your users a link to click on which takes them to another form to add the linked record.

2. Give your users a fake linked record that is named something like “CREATE NEW RECORD”. And then, if they choose that option, reveal additional fields for them to type the new information. And then, after the form is submitted, run an automation to create the new record. Personally, I do not like this method, because it adds extra clutter & overhead to your base.

3. Use Fillout’s advanced forms for Airtable, which enables you to add new linked records from a form, and about 100 other advanced Airtable features, such as displaying as many fields as you want in a linked record picker, displaying Airtable lookup fields and rollup fields and formulas on a form, updating Airtable records from a form, and much more.