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Anyone using the API for Siri Shortcuts?

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Hey everyone,

I’m a “Shortcuts developer” (for lack of a better word) and I tend to use Airtable’s API frequently to log records, retrieve them, and update them.

Just curious if anyone else does the same!

I see a thread from a few years ago, but it’s gotten even easier with the Shortcutify app lately.

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I do :slightly_smiling_face:

Mostly to create records. Some examples - I track my commutes; I use an NFC tag in the phone holder in my car to kick off this shortcut. I track gas fill-ups. I create games sessions for board games (NFC tag to launch this) and have friends submit scores to it via a form.

I still can’t find how to create a decent layout from the results from a Fetch Record HTML output from the shortcut.

Can you please share the Siri shortcuts that you use to update an Airtable record? I figured out how to create a new record but not how to update the existing one.

How would the shortcuts app know which record or ID to update?

Hi @slyfox

I have a Siri Shortcut that I found.

Here are screenshots, although it’s for deleting Airtable records, maybe it can still help.

Mary Kay

image image image image

@M_k Don’t see the screenshot. Can you please also share the iCloud link to this shortcut?


I needed to switch iPads to get the info.

Here are some links. Also, check out this website, they have some Airtable shortcuts. That’s were I got these from.

Hope it helps.


Also, read the requirements section.

I’ve seen those but I can’t figure out how to use them. For instance, I need to first infall UpdateKit, which I can’t figure out where to find it.

Hi @slyfox

Can this help?

Also I did a search with the keywords: “update kit shortcut” in Google. There is a link to Reddit. Also check out Reddit, Shortcut community, (search in Reddit: Shortcut, there’s more postings) that might be another place to check.

It seems that the update tool kit is used to keep the shortcut updated, for whenever you are running it.

Thank you. I will be digging though the links and learning.

Hi @slyfox

Your welcome!

Here is one to more link to add to your collection. :grinning:

It seems one approach is to look at this as functions that you piece together to make a shortcut.

Mary Kay