Copying records to new table using API?

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4 - Data Explorer

Is there any way to copy records to another table using the API, other than retrieving and creating new records?

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For new records to exist anywhere, they must be “created”. As such, an API process that does this must retrieve them. Ideally, there should be a way to cross-load data from one table to another, but no such feature presently exists.

But before you move forward with any implementation strategy, perhaps you’d like to share more details such as - is this a process that must be fully automated? Or, is it a data cross-loading process that could be manually executed by users based on a filter or something?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks Bill. I have a table where users enter records. I retrieve the records using the API, insert them into a database, and delete the records from Airtable. I want to copy records to an history/archive table in Airtable before deleting them. It seems like I have to do this by inserting new records as there’s no “copy” feature. That is ok, I was just hoping to avoid the extra step.

Are you aware that the records being collected and deleted are also preserved in a versioned archive? Unless you need a permanent transactional archive, perhaps you needn’t do anything special.

If you want to copy the records to another table in the same base simply so that you don’t see them anymore, it might be easier to create an “archive” checkbox and use filtered views.

If you still want to copy records from one table to another in the same base, it is easier to do using the Scripting API versus the Standard API. (I’ve copied records between tables this way using a script multiple times.) The script could also delete records that it copies.