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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Do you have a block idea that could transform your workflow but are not familiar with React?

Chime in with your ideas here! And if you’re a developer who is exploring the community forum for ideas, hopefully this thread can become a resource for inspiration and user feedback.

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By path you mean the URL? According to this thread the URL for attachements can be got through FieldName[0].url.

We’ll investigate when we get there. But we’ll try to bring our blocks to Airtable and as I read through the documentation it seems to be an easy process.

Cool! Sounds like you are already working on something like this?

Hundreds of things like this. :winking_face:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Cool, I’m eager to try it out!

Hi @Michelle_Valentine
Waiting for answers to my last short chat here with one Airtable’s Dev Engineer,
but I was not in a hurry,
I’m going back to my previous inspiration:
I would get the possibility to FORK “PageDesigner airtable block”, seriously,
to learn & try to make it much better !
No, it’s really not a joke !
It’s a middle term wish because I’m completely out-of-time for the present Block creation contest as I got a lot of work at my main job that isn’t development but summer holidays are coming at the end of this month so I will get a lot more free time.

Hi @Michelle_Valentine,

[quote=“Bill.French, post:8, topic:23130”]
Ergo, Page Designer is a nice friendly cul-de-sac.
in Automatic document creation and sharing from Airtable records

My motivation comes from my own Use-Cases but also from argued, discussed testimonials, like this one!

If you don’t have Time / (Wo)Men to continue developing and improving Page-Designer-Block, please don’t hesitate to open its FORK to Community Developers!


One of the best ideas I’ve read in many weeks!

Hi Olpy,

Thanks for flagging that this would be useful for you! This is on our radar and requests like these are helpful in informing our prioritisation.

We’re going to continue releasing new open source blocks, but there are some hurdles for open sourcing existing blocks like page designer.


Hi @Emma_Yeap

OK I can read and understand this.
However, I really need (and so do other Community Members and Experts as @Bill.French told us) another kind of Page-Designer-Block.

On my situation against advanced js and REACT, it would be quite more easy to start from some Page-Designer basic structure from Airtable than coding everything ex nihilo.

As I need a Page-Designer solution for 31/08/2020, I’m considering some Built-on-top-of-public-API ways of scripting too but at this time, I would prefer a Custom-Block to do the job.

Which job ?
As Page-Designer-Block is now “a nice friendly cul-de-sac”, I would prioritize Exports and Embed tasks and Automation too,
closely linked and controllable with airtable Tables, Views, Fields, Record’s data.