How to insert hyperlink to set of defined keywords within Rich Text?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi! Im very new to airtable so please forgive me if i ask a silly question

Im publishing hundred of blogs every month with Rich Text field in Airtable. I need to put hyperlink on certain keywords in each of our blog

Im wondering whether we can create script / automation / anything that allows us to set:

  • defined keywords
  • defined url

and automate the hyperlink placement for our blogs?

thank you!

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Welcome to the community, @Handi_Setyadi! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: This is probably doable via scripting. For the keyword side of things, I suggest creating a table containing all desired keywords. The primary field would be the keyword itself, and a URL field would contain the URL that the keyword should target when linked. In your main table, link each record to the desired keywords.

A script could then be written to run from a button field. It would find all keywords linked to the record, replace each one in the main text with the proper URL markdown, then save the updated text to a new rich text field. (While it could be saved to the original field, it would make further editing very cumbersome. Saving to a new field leaves the original text intact in case further editing is desired.) If you don’t want to run the script manually, it may be possible to automate its execution as part of your publishing process, but that would depend on the process itself.

Are you interested in learning to write the script yourself, or would you prefer to hire a developer to write it for you? If it’s the latter, message me and I’ll share a link to my calendar where we can set up an initial meeting to discuss this in greater detail.