Integrating Harvest with Airtable using Integromat using the Airtable API

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m trying to synchronize my base using Integromat with Harvest to get the budget spent per project and keep it up to date. I’m able to get the information from Harvest using their API which gives 1 bundle with all the values of every project in an array. The problem is to match the Harvest Project IDs to it’s corresponding Airtable Record ID (Which already has a field with the correct Harvest Project ID). I have tried Upsert Record, Update Record, Airtable API (Patch), I use the filter between the modules and I just don’t understand how to make them match even using Smart Links.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the community, @Klimb_To_The_Top!

You can’t update a record in Airtable based on any other field except for Airtable’s internal Record ID.

So, in Integromat, you will need to SEARCH for the appropriate Airtable record first.

After you get a successful search result returned to you in Integromat, then you will know the internal Record ID(s) of the record(s) that were found.

Once you have that internal Record ID, then you can update, upsert, patch, etc.

Are you sure that Integromat has all of the Harvest triggers that you need? It looks like there are triggers when something is created in Harvest, but no triggers when something is updated or deleted in Harvest.

Or am I missing something?

Hi @kuovonne!

I hope you are well.

I copied a link from Integromat regarding Harvest. It seems that the actions/triggers are extensive.

I believe that the update function has to do with the edit options. There are a list of delete options too.

Is this what you are referring to?

Here’s the link to Harvest, with all the functions:


Yes, that is the list that I was looking at. There is an extensive list of actions that Integromat can take in Harvest when something triggers in Airtable. I do not see many triggers in Harvest for when data is edited or deleted in Harvest to sync the updated/deleted info back to Airtable. Now, depending on your workflow and direction of sync this might not matter.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hey guys!

Just chiming in regarding the Integromat list of actions and triggers available for Harvest. There’s also the universal option to perform an API call that covers any actions/triggers that are not pre-built.

There’s a recent tutorial on how to make an API call with Integromat in case someone needs it :blush:

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7 - App Architect

Hi - if this has still not been resolved I would be happy to jump on a 30min call to walk you through what needs to happen if you agree to do a post here to share with the community what we did to resolve the issue. Please DM me if interested. :winking_face:

That would be great, because it’s not clear how to match the project id of harvest to the id of the same project in airtable.

Hi Scott, thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

So the issue is actually that up until the point you’re saying everything is good, it’s actually that I can’t tell the Harvest API which Records specifically to update. When you create a filter that says “Harvest Project ID = Project ID” it searches through all the records but then doesn’t match them. It’s very confusing.

I believe the issue being that I can’t actually have a Budget Report from Harvest for each individual project and I have to separate the huge bundle of information into specific records…

Perfect - I have sent you a DM with details.