Integromat : AirTable <-> GoogleCalendar two-way sync?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, AirTablers (yup, It’s now a verb) !

I’m trying to build a clean two-way sync between AirTable and GoogleCalendar. My choice is Integromat because : (1) full two-way CRUD functionality out of the box (2) first useful paid plan much cheaper than Zapier for my use case.

I have good coding background, but I’m still new to those codeless integration tools, and I was wondering if someone could help me build Integromat scenarios for my use case ?

I have read this and that, but nothing really helpful.

My logic so far is to use two scenarios :

  • Watch GCal => C/R/U/D in AirTable (using URL of GCal event as a field in AirTable)
  • Watch AirTable => C/R/U/D in GCal (using AirTable record ID as description of GCal event)

My main concern is to avoid infinite loops, and to make sure my scenarios are as simple as possible (you should see the weird lines of Node.js I write sometimes…).

Any input would be highly appreciated !

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One of the team members from has been posting here recently regarding this tool — maybe this will help you:

Airtable / Google Calendar | 2-Way Sync

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Thanks for the link, but I found nothing more than an advertisement for zzBots there :slightly_smiling_face:

In the last 24hours, I have learned a bit more about Integromat, and I am almost there : I have a working setup, now in test phase to handle user mistakes and avoid them.

For anyone on my journey in the future : Integromat is really a great and beautiful tool ! I think it’s the best choice among no-code integration tools for anyone having a coding experience with APIs… First, you have an impressive control over your automation. But more importantly, it feels like the creative pleasure of coding is there, but without the nightmare of JSON parsing errors and API documentation digging. Happy to pay them 10$ a month for such a joyful development experience.

Btw, still welcoming help, because my solution is most probably not the best ! I will post my implementation here if I don’t forget :winking_face:

Happy hacking, airtablers !

An advertisement? Not sure what you’re talking about. The link above takes you to the zzBots website — with all of their tools, integrations, pricing, instructional videos, etc. — including a tool that does exactly what you requested, right out of the box with no coding. My link takes you directly to that page. I have no affiliation with ZZBots and I haven’t tested their tools for myself, so I have no idea how reliable their products are.

Integromat is really a great and beautiful tool ! I think it’s the best choice among no-code integration tools for anyone having a coding experience with APIs

Integromat is a very nice tool. Although as I mentioned in this thread, there are some pros & cons to be aware of when using Integromat:

11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @klonaway and @ScottWorld

The zzBots link seems to work for me on an Apple device. Just to let you know.

Mary Kay

Oh ! Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you ! It’s just that since I don’t have a zzBots account, I can’t get more than the 1min video which is mostly an ad. Lazy me for not digging any further, but account creation is something I try to avoid 😕

And, I had read your post you just mentioned before trying Integromat :winking_face: Thanks for the input you provided there and now !

It seems like my Integromat implementation works flawlessly so far, yet it is a bit too “task consuming” : I greedily added some logic to populate everything I can on both sides, which can take more than one cycle to complete. Monitoring at the moment, then I think I’ll post for review (and to help future readers).

Hey Klonaway!

Trying to do this same thing. Would you mind sharing your solution?


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Paul !

Since then, I have built my own Node.js sync robot hosted on my own server, since I wanted more automation specific to my use case.

First, I advise you to check the latest news directly on the AirTable website : they have enabled automation services (“Automations”). AirTable is becoming more and more awesome as time passes !

If you still want to use Integromat, here are snapshots of what I built at the time :


Hope it helps !
Happy AirTabling !

This is very helpful! Any chance you could post screenshots of the fields/mapping within each of the modules?