Airtable + Integromat Google calendar event updates

Hi, community :slight_smile:
I’m using Airtable and already had set up a scenario, where changes from Google Calendar events are applied to specific rows in Airtable.

Now I would like to set up a similar scenario from the Airtable side.
So when something changes in the row it triggers scenario and Google Calendar event would be updated.

First I built scenario:
Airtable (watch records) -> Google calendar (Update an event).
But it doesn’t work because I cannot provide Google Calendar Event ID :frowning:

So then I created such a scenario:
Airtable (watch records) -> Google calendar (Get events) -> Google calendar (Update an event).
So now it is successfully triggered when I change time in the Airtable, successfully finds the event in Google Calendar, but then it doesn’t process by the last module.

Did somebody else here such scenarios to update an event from Airtable to Google Calendar?