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I use Airtable a lot as a data and project / Task management tool but at a relatively basic level. I’m not overly codey (which is perhaps why i like airtable). The base i use includes two tables, one for projects and one for task that i structure and use as expected. I have a lot of small projects and its working really well.

I like the Kanban view, my brain reacts better to it. I would like some board views filtered by project, as that is a value referenced from the projects table i can’t use that as I’m aware.

As this is only something i need for my larger projects i have current added a single select value for those larger projects that i assign to the relevant tasks. Work ok but it is manual and a little clunky.

Any suggestions on how this could be automated or made smoother appreciated.


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If you’re looking for a less “codey” approach, you can try Zapier, which is designed to automate tasks that involve multiple services (Airtable and Gmail, for example), and has a library of pre-made automation workflows to boot.
Otherwise you might want to provide an example of what your data and workflow look like because I’m not too sure what you want to automate.

Apologies it was a very waffled summary

I tend to want to structure kanban views by fields that are lookup values from another table. But as I understand it you can only structure them by single select fields?

Now I mimic that referenced value is a single lookup, works but a bit clunky.



Ah, thanks for clarifying! (Sorry I lost track of this thread.)

Bad news: You’ve already got the best current solution (you can automate the field copying with Zapier, but that’s about as much as you can do).
Good news(?): They might add lookup fields as a base field in Kanban view the way they did with Calendar view.

There’s an existing thread, but it’s not under the Feature Requests sub-forum. You may wish to create a new topic there, or invite one of the dev team to look at the original thread.