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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have a list of “Jobs” in Airtable, and a corresponding list of Files in a NAS drive, which have the
“Job number” field from Airtable in their filename. So it’s easily filterable by just looking for files with that “Job number” in their filename.

I would like to attach a script to a button that would automate that process. Basically, filter and download the files from the NAS when the user clicks the button. Is there someone who can point me in the right direction here?

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Hi Matt,
Interesting, does your NAS allow access outside of the LAN?

No, but any user would be on the LAN

There are several issues at play.

  • Airtable scripts do not have access to the local file system, including networked drives.
  • In order for an Airtable script to upload a file to an attachment field, the file must be publicly available on the internet. (No password or login, and not a “viewer” page.)

If you cannot make the files publicly accessible on the internet, then scripting cannot upload the file.

On the other hand, you can manually upload files in bulk using a gallery view, and then scripting can be used to move the attachments to their matching records.

You may also be able to use a third party system that integrates with a cloud storage system, such as DropBox, if you can get the files to the cloud storage system.

Thanks, makes sense. I guess another option would be to kick off to a server to grab the files then email them to the current user.