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6 - Interface Innovator


I have been trying to add a rich text field and use Markdown Language to create a “Pretty” URL Link


I’ve come to realize, after googling that, it will only work using the API. So, I used Integromat to populate a Rich text field with Clickme in it.

The URL is made up fro a concatenated formula ad some of the URL’s have spaces i.e

This is not being created correctly when the URL has a space like this. Is there anything I can do?

I presumed this would be a quick job, it’s not looking that way :frowning:

Any help appreciated


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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It seems markdown works well in the forum (hope it still makes sense)

You’re speaking of a solution that looks like this, right?

Hi Bill,

Yes. I have the Hypertext created but the URL link behind it has spaces in so the link fails but also when dropped onto the report, it shows as the Markdown txt

[Translate][1] [1]:

2020-08-08 19_14_45-Window

You have to remove these spaces because it’s technically not a URL until it is properly encoded. I believe you need to use this formula function to do that (if creating the links by formula).


Still not working for me. I have recorded a Loom as I am probably doing a bad job of explaining myself.

Hope this helps

You’re doing a find job of explaining the issue.

Here’s what’s happening (I thinkl)… when Integromat reads the content from Airtable it is unencoding it, thus eliminating all the great work you did in Airtable to properly encode the data.

When I mentioned that the URL needed encoding, the implication was that it would either occur when building fields that contained the URL in Airtable, or when any other external process generated such URLs; in this case, Integromat.

Integromat supports functions and formulas much like Airtable - indeed, the string functions include encodeURL and this would likely be the place to perform the encoding before updating the data back into your long text field in Airtable.


I have almost zero experience in Airtable but @cor has plenty. Perhaps he can guide from this point forward.

There’s at least a coin flip probability that you can achieve this without going around the barn into Integromat by using a simple Airtable script block to update the long text field (with fully encoded URLs) and in a format that looks as pretty as you’ve achieved with Integromat.

I realize you don’t have a lot of script experience and I am slammed for the next two weeks. But I recommend you make a plea in the Script Block category for a very simple ask that goes something like this:

Help! New Script Block User Trying to Learn Basics!
Need a script block that reads a URL field from each record and writes a long text field with a pretty Markdown link.

I’ll bet someone will see that as a challenge and lend a hand.

Thanks for the tag @Bill.French

@Currently.Jason perhaps we can do a quick call to look at your integromat scenario? And if successful you can report back to your post. If not successful we can both act like the call never happened :upside_down_face:

But I do agree with @Bill.French this should be very simple using the script block and new automation triggers (if you have a paid plan).

I will DM you my contact details.

Chat soon