Programmatically releasing extension to multiple remotes

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4 - Data Explorer

I have developed an extension with specific business logic that I would like to release to multiple bases at once. I do not want to publish this extension to the marketplace as it would not be relevant to those not working at my company. 

Has anyone found a good way to release an extension to multiple bases at once? Or to release an extension to all bases owned by an organization?  Ideally anyone at my company could release the latest version of the extension to a base without much hassle.

My current process is to follow to create the remote configuration files. Then I have a script that iterates through all of those and releases the current extension to that base. I could further automate the process if I was able to get the blockId without having to go to navigate to the base and retrieve that ID (reference post:

Are there any plans/timelines to improve the ability to run in multiple bases? The feature says its in beta, so I am wondering if there was a roadmap for this feature.


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