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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

This seems like something super simple for a script but I’m not code savvy, so I’m stumped. I’m far from an Airtable novice, just not into Scripts. I’m trying to Create a run of show base for live events where the Start of one record is populated by the end time of the record that precedes it in the show. Each record has a “Item #” as it key field, so I tried linking records the old fashion way in the table manually, but this is tedious AND it won’t let me do any calculations with the data I pull because it’s circular.

I have a few important fields:
Item# - unique key, all records sort by this.
Start time - Ideally this is an IF formula, so that if it’s the first line in the show, it doesn’t try to find the previous item.
Duration - Manual entry
End time - Formula= Start Time + Duration
Previous Item - Formula= Item# - 1
Previous End - thing I’m trying to get

My logic is this: Script that find record with Item# that matches Previous Item, then takes the Previous Item’s End time and populated the Previous End field without actually linking the 2 records. I would probably create an Update button field to run the script so whenever I change the order or timing I can just re-run it.

any thoughts would be helpful!

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@Alex_Friedman I just posted a new thread about this (figured it was past time to stop threadjacking this one with script updates and support). The script linked there now supports a checkbox field for marking records with fixed start times, so you can tweak durations and re-run the script without needing to clear fields first.

I also spent some time testing a method of delaying an automation while a field is being edited, which will mean that the automation version—which should be posted to that same new thread in a day or two—will allow you to edit on the fly and see updates fairly quickly.