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Hi all,

so I wanted to check if there is way to retrieve a specific record based on filter criteria,

Based on my Understanding so far i can only use table.selectRecordsAsync() to get the array of all the records . later need to perform filter using linear search on the returned array.

i wanted to check if i can get a specific record based on query condition as a response.

for example : From table animals … i need record where name == X, is there a better way than getting all the records and then i need to loop through until i find X.

kindly help me with this.


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Unfortunately there isn’t a way to filter the records as part of the selectRecordsAsync() query. Looping through the query result to find a specific record is very quick, though. Even with hundreds of records, it’s not going to add a noticeable delay to the script. If you use the .find() array method, it’s very easy:

const table = base.getTable("Table Name")
const query = await table.selectRecordsAsync({fields: ["Name"]})
const match = query.records.find(rec => rec.getCellValue("Name") === "Name To Find")
if (match) {
  // Code to run if a match is found
} else {
  output.text("No match found.")

As a side note, if {Name} is the name of your primary field, then the find line could be changed to:

const match = query.records.find(rec => === "Name To Find")

If all you know is the record name, you must filter after selecting, as Justin pointed out.

On the other hand, if you have access to the record ID through a linked record field, you can get that record by ID using selectRecordAsync.