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Scripting Block / Print Page Designer

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I am trying to reduce the number of clicks that need to be used print a page designer record. I have set up the new button functionality to connect to the page designer to print, but once you click on it you have to click at least on 4 different windows before sending the item to print. Is there a way to use the scripting block to automate this process for you?

I don’t know much about scripting so I might need to outsource the service but ideally when clicking on the button it would automatically send to print without needing to reset the dimensions of the page designer.

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Hi Sara, and welcome to the community!

I can’t give you much to address this, but I recommend you digest this thread and then post your thoughts back here.

Hi Sara_Esposito,

How did you achieve linking the button to connect to the page designer to print?

is that doable? I wish it is I was searching over the last few days but without luck.

I am wondering the same thing. I would love to be able to print records from a button in the record itself!

Any solutions on this?

Would love to know about any progress on this!

Just going to throw a +1 on this one too. Weird to be able to use page designer but not be able to output the PDF generated as an attachment to the record.

Yup. Another upvote from me!

Me too! has anyone found a solution for this?