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Updating notebook from apikey

Hello, I was wondering how I update my fetch code in observable to use the personal access tokens? Here is the notebook: and the code in question: Airtable = (await import("

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CORS in browser extension

Hello I am developing a browser extension. It does Airtable OAuth and then lets the user fetch tables and quickly add records directly from the browser.Yesterday it all worked well for me and today the Airtable API does not send the appropriate CORS ...

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Formula to return both a calculation and text?

I'd like to build a field that returns the days until due if >0, or "Assign Due Date" if Nan, or "Passed Due" if <0.I am struggling to combine the IF statement with the following formula:DATETIME_DIFF({Deadline},TODAY(),'days')Any tips on how to acco...

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Programmatically releasing extension to multiple remotes

I have developed an extension with specific business logic that I would like to release to multiple bases at once. I do not want to publish this extension to the marketplace as it would not be relevant to those not working at my company. Has anyone f...

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API Call for List Records with Cell Format V2?

Hi, I'm working with the Airtable API, and am noticing that the "list records" API endpoint is returning linked records in "cell format V1", while the Webhooks API returns values in "cell format V2". Cell format V1 is an array of strings representing...

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Data missing

Hi, I've been testing Airtable to create a visual database system for skilled professionals in Nepal. While fetching data from Airtable API to my APP, I hardly get all data. Few of my data are missing. I have tested it using postman.  

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Search Multiple Bases

API for searching in multiple basesHi community, My company developed an API to search multiple databases, we used Airtable for a talent pipeline for the company's recruiting team, and we found ourselves with the limit of 50,000 records (teams plan)....

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Getting refresh token

I am trying to connect with other application that asks me for my client_id, client_secret, api_token, and refresh_token.So far I have set my api_token,  client_id and client_secret, but still struggling with creating the refresh_token. Where should ...

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