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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello all, i'm fairly new to formulas and what not and need a bit of help.

I'm trying to make a single select status field's Result show either "done" or "not done" based on a symbol in a separate formula i was thinking of trying use the IF function

This is a rough rendition of it but


{PM Time Left} contains this symbol 
{PM Service Status} is "done" or "not done" based on the symbol
{PM Time Left}<---- this is my formulated field from other date inputs
{PM Service Status} is "done" <---- This is the field i want to have formulated based on {PM Time Left} containing the  symbol



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A formula field cannot change a single-select field. A formula field can be combined with an automation that updates the single-select with the formula result.

  FIND("", {PM Time Left}),
  "not done",

Fair enough, thank you for the formula!

I can use the formula field for this instead of a {PM Status} single select and achieve the same result, just need to change my automations around. I have an automation set up for when a record enters a view, ie: "Done" from "Not Done" it clones itself and a few calculated fields to make a new record with a new service date

ex: 3/25/23 marked as done, with a calculated service interval, the automation runs and makes a new record with a date 90 days in the future for its next service appointment. 

I'm trying to make the same result happen through an automation when the same data is entered via a form, but because it's making a new record and not changing an existing record, it's causing a bit of trouble. It generates a new record rather than changing things on the existing one and as such, the automation fails, gotta figure out a way to get the same results from a form entry. Any thoughts?