Automating reoccurring tasks on specific days of the week

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Hello Airtable Community. 

I created a Base to track my to-do list using several formulas and automation to reoccur each "done" task based on the set frequency of the task. For example: if the task frequency from the drop-down list is "weekly", then I created a formula that it will only reoccur weekly. However, if I want the task to reoccur on certain and multiple days of the week (e.g.: Monday, Wednesday & Friday), is there a way to do that without creating the task three times?

Appreciate your support,

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Hmm, could you provide some screenshots of the relevant tables and automations?  Finding it hard to visualize what you've got I'm afraid

Perhaps you could use a formula that would check whether the current day is Monday, Wednesday or Friday and get your automation to trigger off that?

For example, this would check if the current day was Friday:


Thanks a lot, Adam for your reply.
Ok, so to clarify the situation:

In my to-do list base, I have to input the Start and End dates and based on the Frequency of the task the formula of the (Next Start date / Next End date) get created (attached the base structure).
In the automation, once I mark a reoccurring task as done it appears again but with the new dates (attached the trigger and action). The is perfectly working for me. The frequencies I have are (annually, monthly, weekly, every 3 weeks, every 2 days, daily etc...).
You can see in the Next Start Formula's screenshot how the Next Start formula relays on the chosen frequency.

What I am not sure on how to achieve is, let's say I want a certain task to be reoccurring every Wednesday and Friday (so twice a week but on specific days), how can I integrate that with the Next Start Formula? Or should I have a completely different formulas for this.

Truly appreciate your support,

Ah I see!  Check out this thread where you'll be able to find a formula that returns the next Friday from today.  You should be able to integrate it into your Next Start formula fine, and you'll just need to modify it to get you the next Wednesday as well?