Re: Concatenate "eats" my separators inside the fields

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, I would like to combine two text fields into one. Each field has several entries that are separated with a comma (e.g. in one row field 1 contains “Germany, EU, France” and field 2 contains “Italy, Austria”).

When I combine them with {Field1} & {Field2} it deletes all the commas so that it looks like this: “GermanyEUFranceItalyAustria”. How can I keep the commas and just combine the field`s text exactly like it is? Tried already joinarray and putting using {Field1} & ", "& {Field2} but still the same effect.

Thank you!

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Could you please share your existing formula, and describe in greater detail some example content of all the fields you’re trying to combine?