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Course Number Generated by User input in two previous fields

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hey all,
I have been testing out online DB’s, Knack, e.g., and created a formula to take three fields from inside the table and it generates a complete course number. Each of those fields were connected to their own tables.
The formula wound up being a text formula is:
{ILT Course Course Level.Course Level Number}{ILT Course Course Types.Course Code}.{Sequence Number}

How can I do this in AT? I’ve seen the formula option for a field, and even the Link to another Field(tab/table) option so it seems it’s possible, but when I attempt it I don’t get exactly what I was expecting. I get NaNa, or something like that LOL.

Any ideas?

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That’s the lookup field. I was asking for the setup for the {Course Type} link field itself. However, I think what I really wanted to see (which is, of course, impossible, so just ignore my request) was your original setup before you began making changes. Some of your earlier screenshots seemed to conflict. The screenshot showing a link looks one way, but the screenshot of the table related to that link looks completely different.