Creating If statement formulas with a column that has both date and time

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4 - Data Explorer

I have content creation table that has a field for date and time.  I am trying to create a formula similar to this 


If ( {Date to Post}=TODAY( ), "Post")


but it is throwing an error and I wonder if it is because my column has both date and time.


this is the youtube video that was helping me.


But i can't get past entering the formula.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey @blmahon

I've never had a reason to use the IS_SAME() function, but I think today is that day!
Give this formula a shot:

    IS_SAME({Date to Post}, TODAY(), "day"),

Here's the behavior it returned me when I tested it:


As a side note, it might not be totally relevant or applicable to your use case, but your post reminded me about this thread from yesterday. Might be worth a look to see if it might support or influence your solution a bit.