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Display Month Number & Month Name

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I have a table which has a Payout Month Column, which is a formula:
DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, 'MMMM')
How can I add the month number in front of the Month word (ie: 1 Jan)?

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I think you want…

MONTH({Check-in date}) & ’ ’ & DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, ‘MMMM’)

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Hi @Lost-Merovingian!
You can add a D or DD in the formula, like this

DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, 'D MMMM')

Additionally, if you want the month as a three-letter abbreviation you use just ‘YYY’ for that.

DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, 'D MMM')

You can find the supported format specifiers for DATETIME_FORMAT here:

isn’t the D for Day?

I wanted the Number of the month … like … if it was December … it would show as ‘12 Dec’.

It’s basically, so it’ll show up in order in the interface screen.

I think you want…

MONTH({Check-in date}) & ’ ’ & DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, ‘MMMM’)

Fantastic! Thanks so much!

My mistake, you are absolutely correct. I read too fast.
I’m glad you got a correct answer above.

lol … I do that all the time. Thanks for your quick reply, though.

No problem. Btw…
You already have an answer, but thought I’d mention it. You can use the method I mentioned, but instead of D or DD you put M which outputs month number.
Same result, just slightly cleaner.

DATETIME_FORMAT({Check-in date}, 'M MMMM')