Looking To Combine Data From Fields In Different Columns

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4 - Data Explorer

This is not actually the context of what I’ll be using this for but rather than explaining what we do, I figure it’d be better to compare it to the old math question which is…

If I have someone that has 5 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, and 5 pairs of shoes we need to cleanly display all the options and print them into different fields.

I’m wondering if this is doable, if so, what would my setup need to look like assuming the columns I’d start with in this example would be shirts, pants, and shoes?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Andrew_Strotheide ,
There are many way to tackle this.

I would start with a table for people, a table of products, a table of orders(link to people and products)

then you can add counts or rollup to people if needed.



Hey @Andrew_Strotheide!

Yes, this is definitely something you can build-out.
However, there are a few vague details about design that kinda change the exact implementation here.

Sticking with the example setup that you’ve described, if you have a table with records for individual people, and a table with records of different clothes and shoes, then you’d simply link the items to contacts and use any number of rollups and formulas to really nail down your formatting.

I’d be happy to get a bit more in-depth, but I’d certainly need more detail on your design and workflow in order to do so.