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4 - Data Explorer

I have two currency fields: Current Balance and Previous Balance. When Current Balance is updated, Previous Balance changes to reflect what Current Balance displayed previously.

Is there a formula that can address this? (Have done this many times in SalesForce but that has engendered a workflow rule which I’m not sure is available in Airtable.)

Thank you!

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Hi @AirTraveler - there isn’t a built in way to do this in Airtable, i.e. take a snapshot of a field value and save it somewhere else. Some options though (ignoring the manual option of copy and paste)

  • Write an Airtable script that copies the current value and writes it to the previous balance with a button click (you’ll still need to remember to run the script though)
  • Automate on a periodic basis using Zapier
  • Automate using a Google Script and the Airtable API

Hope this helps!

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