Re: Help Me Impress My Team! - Formula for Total Points Earned SOLVED IN UNDER 30 MINUTES

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am new to AirTable and am not sure how to create a formula for a specific function I need.

I am using a base to track involvement of triathlon team members in our club. Each event they participate in (team workouts, races, volunteer events, etc) awards them a particular number of points… referred to as DOTS. At the end of the year, their total dot count determines the monetary reward they get to use toward new team racing gear.

I created a table that includes each MEMBERS of the team.

I created a table that lists each EVENT.

I created a table that lists each category of event and how many DOTS are earned for that event.

To use the base… first I entered all the team members’ info.

Each week I enter the events that earn dots. One column allows me to chose the type of event from the EVENTS table. I also have a column where I manually enter the number of dots earned for that event. Then is the column where it connects to the MEMBERS and I choose each person that was there for that event.

When I look at the MEMBERS on the app on my phone (which is where the vast majority of members will look to see their updated counts… they will have read only access) I’m seeing exactly what I want… Name, Photo, a label for “total dots earned,” and a listing of every event they attended and how many dots they earned for that specific event. The only problem…

I need a formula for that “total dots earned” that I have on my Members table, so that each event for each attending member is added up. Can anyone provide guidance on how I can do this? I am confident there is a way but 1) I’m just learning all of this and 2) Maybe I’m just having a brain cramp!

Thank you so much!

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If I understand your base structure correctly, the {Total Dots Earned} field should be a Rollup type (not a formula), pointing to the field that links to all the events that the member entered, and using SUM(values) to add up all the points for those events (i.e. targeting whatever field in the [Events] table contains those point values).

Oh my word! You are AMAZING! Thank you so much! I have impressed myself that I understood what you were saying… and then was able to just change that field and it worked perfectly the first time. I so appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Have a wonderful day!