Help With Rollup (SUM) linking Formula (datetime_diff)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Looking for some help. 

I have a table were I utilize "last modified time" to be inputed based on the Specific field ("Checkbox").This sequence works well for what I am doing, which is; creating time logs for when we "Start" and "Stop" work on a specific task. I then have a formula set up "Datetime_Diff" where it grabs the difference between the two in minutes (set up as integer) so that I can log billable hrs towards a project (Time on Task). 



Here is my problem... I have another table "billing" that I want to utilize a "rollup" field for, to grab the SUM of that data in my "Time on Task" field and have it contribute to a specific job number. I am utilizing this exact same method for and "expense" field but the field the rollup is connected too on that method is a "currency" field (which I cannot use on my time tacking). 

I am sure there is a solution but I am not an expert.. yet! 

Any help would be wonderfully appreciated! 

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

CreationTime >= DATETIME_PARSE(DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(TODAY(), -1, 'days'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') & ' 08:00:00'),

Make sure to replace "CreationTime" in the formula with the name of your "Creation Time" column.