How to view only part of a lookup field in a form?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a form that a member uses to search for their name using a lookup from another base. Because of PII Standards, I can't have their full name listed for others to also see. This basically works as a task tracker so (external) users have to enter their name and what they worked on.
A) Is there a way where I can only show the first OR last name OR an abbreviation (John D.)? I have tried using the Regex formula which works (don't have split function), but that only helps me put the first name in another column and won't affect the lookup that is what members use when they open the form to search their name. The lookup is critical because it uses other values associated with their name that helps me in the form to track other things. 

B) Is there a way so that when they search their name that it doesn't automatically list all the other names? 

This would be easily solved if the first column of the table that I'm using for a lookup would just show the first name instead of the full name, but I cannot change it because the other team that uses and updates this table needs to have the full name listed. And as far as I know, I cannot change anything in the table in my view without it impacting the main view and I can't duplicate it because then it won't get updated since I'm not the one updating the table. 

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