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Trying to organize sales data

Hi everyone!I'm trying to organize my sales data in my Airtable base.I add the data through CSV upload. For every day of sales I add I add a new column to my sales data table.Now I want to run automatic calculations on the data. To give an example: i...

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UrbnJ by 5 - Automation Enthusiast

Need help on something hard to describe

So let's say I have a table that is going to have different numbers in rows listed in a single column, like below.2331618And in another table, I have some ranges filled into two columns, with a min column and max column, and a third column with a nam...

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Need help with complicated date based formula

Hi all - I need help with this formula as I was able to use Chat GPT to get me close to where I need to be, but it still doesn't work.Can someone rewrite this formula so it works: IF({End Date} > "7/1/2024" , {Latest Revenue Projections} * ("6/30/202...

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Display a linked field in the Name field

Hi everyone!Following problem: I have a table where each record is represents a deployment of a worker, sick leave, a project or Vacation. We differentiate between them with a single select field. Each record has a start and an end date + is linked t...

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4N by 6 - Interface Innovator

Shiftplan with formula and counter

Hi there, im new to airtable and need some help. I would like to create a form in which people can register for a work shift. There are four shifts with a maximum number of participants. For example:Shift A = Max. 5 participantsShift B = Max. 2 parti...

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Tracking how long a record is stuck in the same status

Hi, does anyone have any tips on how to create a formula that  would calculate the number of days something was in each stage? We track various stage gates for our content: Draft, Proposal, Ready for Production etc. Thanks! 

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Resolved! Recreate UNIQUE function

Hello! Im looking to recreate this function in Airtable=COUNTA(UNIQUE(Masterlist!C5:C))Where the column in Airtable I'm looking to count unique entries in is called CLIENT NAME. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the UNIQUE function works, is there ...

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"Modified At" Formula Not In Parity With Revision History

Hi! Currently I have a field which is returning a "Modified At" date. This field is a standard field (no formula) and it is returning the modified date of another field (our "Feedback" field).This is what it is returning in a problematic record:Howev...

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 11.00.00 AM.png Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 11.01.48 AM.png
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