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Lookup / Rollup of Multi Selects field glitch

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When I create a lookup field of a multi select field I get the new updated version seen here

However after reading recommendations in this forum when I try and create and arrayunique() from the look up it is not successful. (See Pictures)

I have found that If I convert the lookup to a rollup and back again the I get the result that I am looking for. (See Pictures)


I have gone back and forth from Lookup to rollup and I get the same result every time. I get the feeling that this is some kind of glitch or bug. Please give me any feed back that you can.

See video for better clarification VIDEO

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Hmm. Maybe some sort of circular reference? Wonder if @Justin_Barrett has any thoughts on this!

It’s a known bug in Airtable, confirmed by Airtable support. Workarounds in this thread: Rollup Array Unique?

Look in the select options. Are you SURE there’s only one of each option?

I was able to replicate what he’s seeing. It’s crazy. :laughing:
Here’s my variety of rollup/lookup/formula fields to try it.


Here’s @kuovonne’s fix:

This does not offer a solution that I have not already come up with. If you watch my video in the post that I made I did exactly what was mentioned in the post you mentioned. Do you know if there Is a better solution than what I am already doing?

Wow! That’s totally bizarre! I’ve never hit these precise circumstances to trigger this odd behavior (definitely a bug!), but I’ll certain remember it if it comes up in the future.

Oh, I didn’t see your video link. I’ll have a look at that later. I’m sure I won’t have any solutions for you because it sounds like a bug, but I’ll take a look at what’s going on. Be sure to email about it.

I will contact support