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Re: Primary Field as a joint array

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

is there a way of adding a joint array, concatenate to my primary field (containing Email and Full Name), but still be able to link to that table using email only. 

in other words, my contacts have different emails, and currently primary field is their email. but when i want to link them in other tables, it becomes difficult to find, as you dont always remember their email, so wanted to change primary field to also include full name, but then if i do that, my other automations that use the primary field to sync between tables won't work, as these were based off the email address only, and adding a name to it, changes the value obv. 

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Hi @Selimafifi,

It sounds like you will need to adjust your automations to be pointed at the email field instead of the primary field. This is definitely possible.

Another easier option is to use a lookup field to pull the Full Name field into your other tables and then searches/filters/groupings etc can use this instead of the primary field.

Hope that helps!