Recurring Records, how to have field data saved for the "new" Record?

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7 - App Architect


I have a table with Recurring Records, representing daily or weekly tasks. 

Some of these tasks have sub tasks to them. When I complete a task (Record) it is sent to a 'Done' view and then Recreated automatically in the Todo view. However only the name of the Record is saved and used again, not the data from the Fields in the Record, eg. sub tasks. 

Is there a way to save this so that I don't have to write them manually every time the Record is recreated?

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

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Here is a picture showing the sub tasks that I want to have shown again when the Record is recreated. Right now these sub tasks will disappear on the new Record.  

Would it be easier rather than recreating the record to just reassign the record a new status of "Done", then the sub tasks would be not need to be recreated, and use filters to make the record move to the Todo view?

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey Steve! 

Thanks for your reply.

Can you elaborate a bit on how this should work? We don't want to manually have to change status of the recurring tasks, also we would like to see tasks made in the past, so that we can keep track of which has been made/if they have been made. 

Hi plyske

thinking about this a bit more...

Perhaps you just need a script to duplicate the record, making sure that it also duplicates the rich text field which contains the sub tasks.

How are your new records being created? Are you using an Airtable automation? If so, you need to edit the automation to have it fill in the additional fields.

You might have an issue with the checkboxes in the rich text field. If you simply copy the value of that field to the new record, the checkboxes might not copy the way you want (with check boxes unchecked). There are various workarounds for dealing with that. One option is to use a script. Another option is to hardcode the text into the automation. Another option is to store the unchecked text somewhere else and copy it from there.