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I have an alarm rent business and I am building an ERP with Airtable to manage stock of devices, kits and availability.

One thing I want to do, is to create unique ID reference for each kit (a kit have some devices) and for each device. This reference is a concatenate of words and numbers.

For example, for kits I want to use the version and the number dependent on each version, and when the version change, the autonumber start again in 1. Ex:

Kit Version A
Kit number 0001
Kit ID: A0001

Kit Version A
Kit number 0002
Kit ID 0002

I want to automate this, when I manually change the version, the kit number (autonumber) reset automatically to 0001 again:

Kit Version B
Kit number 0001
Kit ID: B0001

So I have a column to name the version, and have other column to autonumber, but I need to make a formula to restart the autonumber each time that I manually change the version.

Do you think is it possible?

This is the example base:

My example base

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This is definitely possible, and I created a Show and Tell topic (and example base) demonstrating the setup: