Returning multiple row headers based on match within one column, both tied to same base

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4 - Data Explorer

Is there any way within airtable to return multiple row headers based on a column match? I have an example below. Basically my master base is company-focused but I have two fields "Investors" and "Investments" which would both be matching items in the "Name" field. Ideally I want to be able to tag "Investor(s)" in a column but have the "Investment(s)" column auto-populate pulling in "Name" based on a match of "Investor(s)" to "Name" in that particular row.


Startup AInvestor A, Investor B 
Startup BInvestor A 
Startup CInvestor B 
Startup DInvestor A, Investor D 
Company A  
Investor A Startup A, Startup B, Investor D
Investor B Startup A, Startup C
Investor C  
Investor D Startup D
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I can't clearly understand your goal, but it seems like on your place I would create 2 tables: 1st for Startups, linked to the second table of Investors. 

7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Is this one table in your Airtable base?  If so, it should be 2 tables.  First table named Investments where Name is "Startup A", Startup B", etc.  Second table named Investors where name is "Investor A", "Investor B", etc.  Your Investor(s) field in the Investments table should be linked to the Investors table.  

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So, with reference to the row "Investor A", you'd want the results:

1. Investor A - Startup A
2. Investor A - Startup B
3. Inverstor A - Investor D

Is that right?  If so, you could accomplish this with a formula field with`SUBSTITUTE()` replacing commas with the "Name" value