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4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to write a formula, IF a field is not empty then return today’s current date and time.

I have a form and when people upload an attachment I want to time/date it so I know when they submitted.

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If you want to know when they submit an attachment, you can create a “Last modified time” field for the attachment field.

If you want a field that shows the current date and time if another field has a value, you can use IF({other field}, NOW()). However, this field will recalculate every time you open the base, which doesn’t sound like what you want.

Hi! Yes, I am not sure that would work :confused: I want a permanent date and time when an attachment is added to a attachment field

Then it sounds like creating a “last modified time” field based on the attachment field is what you want.

It is not completely exact, as it will show the last time the attachment field is modified–which can include deleting the attachment.

You can also create a formula using the LAST_MODIFIED_TIME function, which is one of the date/time functions in the formula field reference.

This formula will show the last time the attachment field was modified if the field has an attachment:

IF({attachment field}, LAST_MODIFIED_TIME([{attachment field}]))