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4 - Data Explorer


I need a formula to calculate 4 seperate Service level agreements

The SLAs are as follows:

4 hours
Same Day
48 hours
10 days

I need a field to show the “due” date for each record based on its sla.

My base creates Opened Date when record is created.

I assume I need a nested formula to calculate the date/time when the SLAs will expire.

Ive written this but only the first part works

IF({SLA}=“same day”, DATEADD({Opened Date}, 1, ‘DAYS’), DATEADD({Opened Date}, 60, ‘DAYS’))
IF(SLA=“A 4 Hour”,(DATEADD({Opened Date}, 4, ‘hours’,IF(SLA=“P 10 Days”,(DATEADD({Opened Date}, 10, ‘days’))))))

Once the completion date is added I will create a formula to comfirm if the SLA is met or not.

Many Thanks,


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Some ideas:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


Thank you for the reply.

I have written the IF statement in full which works as below - HOWEVER this is without the DATE ADD.

How do I add this in for each one?

IF(SLA=“A 4 Hour”, “4”, IF(SLA=“P 10 Days”, “10”, IF(SLA=“Same Day”, “Same”, IF(SLA=“D 48 Hours”, “48”))))

Many Thanks,



Just to update I worked this through, Just missing how to calculate a time up to Midnight for the same day time?

SLA=“4 Hour”,
DATEADD({Opened Date}, ‘4’, ‘Hours’),
IF(SLA=“10 Days”,
DATEADD({Opened Date}, ‘10’, ‘Days’),
IF(SLA=“48 Hours”,
DATEADD({Opened Date}, ‘2’, ‘Days’),
IF(SLA=“Same Day”,
DATEADD({Opened Date}, ‘0’, ‘Days’)))))