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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have 2 tables with a many-to-many relationship...

Companies companyName, companyCountries (linked to Countries table)
Countries countryName, projectPhase, countryCompanies (linked to Companies table)

The projectPhase is country level, for example...

GB = "go live"
JP = "phase 2"
MY = "go live"
US = "phase 2"

1 company can have multiple countries, and so on the Companies level I've created a rollup using ARRAYUNIQUE(values) but I've run into a problem with a scenario like this...

CompanyA is live in GB and JP and shows "go live, phase 2" 
CompanyB is live in JP and MY and shows "phase 2, go live"

I've read a bunch of posts on this behaviour and how the rollup retains the sort order of the original linked source (in this case Countries), but my Countries table needs to be ordered as it is, and there's so much variation in my companies data that regardless of the ordering, I'm going to get these unsorted rollup values.  So when I group by my roll-up I'm getting a bunch of different groupings purely based on the inability to sort.

Has anyone got a workaround that doesn't involve needing to sort the linked table (and essentially get lucky with the variation in their many-to-many links)?  e.g. the Batch Update approach in my case simply doesn't work because of on the many-to-many relationship between my tables

Thanks for any thoughts on this - seems such a trivial thing to fix from Airtable but seemingly over years of similar requests we never got a simple sort function.


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

This hack could possibly be adapted.  Works for simple lists of roll-up values.