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SUM of values separated by commas in the same cell ,

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Is there ANY solution to adding numbers separated by commas in the same cell?

I have used the SUBSTITUTE function to replace multi-select items with a numerical value and this has resulted in this kind of result:


Now I need to add those numbers so I get 11.

The closest I’ve found to a solution is in this post:

    {Your Variable},
            {Your Variable},
            FIND(',',{Your Variable})-1
            {Your Variable},
            LEN({Your Variable})-FIND(',',{Your Variable})

However, it only works for 2 numbers separated by a comma, not multiple.

Any help is greatly appreciated!! Many thanks

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I don’t think so I’m afraid

You’ll need to extend the formula you mentioned in your post to handle the number of possible values that you’ve got I think

What is the source of the cell value? If it is a lookup field, convert the field to a rollup field.

In most other cases, you could run a script.

If it is a text field that always has the same quantity of numbers, it is possible to use a formula field. Use combination of REGEX_EXTRACT() and VALUE().