Re: Using "!=blank()" is not returning the correct result

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Original Formula (pic 1).png

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7 - App Architect

I was having similar difficulty using the BLANK() function. I was reading these community posts for help.

This simple filter shows the records where the Project Value (currency field) is empty works as expected.

Project Value Empty Filter

I assumed the following formula would work in field and present the same results:

Project Value Blank or $0.00

It did not, hence the name of the field, Project Value Blank or $0.00 as it returns 1 for $0.00 as well as empty fields.

Somehow, when I use this formula:


It only returns the empty or blank records as desired. Anyone want to explain this logic?

Project Value Blank

Hopefully, using the NOT() function will help others here with their use cases.

@Eric_Petersen: check Blank() & Zero problem or the link a couple of posts higher: Using "!=blank()" is not returning the correct result :winking_face:

not(field != blank())
I am curious you have a working solution @Tuur now.

Sure. As explained it the posts above. :slightly_smiling_face:

It still is an Airtable bug though.