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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I am a little confused about the release of all these new features in the interface designer for the record detail pages. Many great additions and functions. Many that we asked for. Thank you.


All of them only seem to apply only to new pages I create (which is a good thing for now), not to existent pages.  Do I eventually have to redo all my old pages from scratch or will these new features eventually be available (by my own choice) on my existent pages?

Many things seem to have gone missing or are different:

  • I can no longer place individual text elements on my pages.
  • I can no longer user separators.
  • I can no longer duplicate reference field items, such as lists, etc. to use them in different places of my page.
  • I can no longer place the comments section where it best suits our needs.
  • I can no longer place buttons exactly where I need them.
  • I can no longer idividually choose/adapt the width of a field. I am forced to using equal width colums or rows in a section.
  • I can no longer put fields into the header above the interface page that stays put when scrolling.
  • I am forced to put fields into sections. Each section can either only be rows of fields or columns.
  • I can no longer choose between the full page width layout or the "center restricted" layout of a page. It's center only now, which wastes a lot of screen real estate.

I would appreciate an Airtable update post about all these new features to guide me. Especially what the next steps will be.

Is this the first release of a planned series and thus "incomplete"? Once again I feel confronted with a totally new paradigm without any notice, release notes or choices. Two steps forward but in my opinion at the expense of five steps back.

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Unfortunately no update. It doesn't appear as if we're getting custom sidesheets back, but that's just my assumption, given I haven't seen/heard anything about it.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I had a meeting with Philip, the PM for interfaces this morning and provided my feedback. 
I showed him and a few other AT people (UX, engineering etc) how I am using interfaces and why the changes do not work for me. (I was able to create a record details in the new format and showed how I could not achieve the same outcomes I was looking for). 
He contacted me based on the feedback I provided through the Feedback option at the bottom of the record details editor, on the right-hand. 

There’s an official reply here:

It doesn’t appear as though the old sidesheets will be an option anymore, but they do hear us.