Re: Are there ways to prevent duplicate record creation through interface forms?

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Hi there,
I have a table with unique numeric IDs in the first column.
Ideally, people will input data in that table through a form interface, but i really need to be sure that people are not inputting the same ID twice, so that if they do form submission is not sent and we show an error that says that they cannot input a duplicated ID.

I have not found any ways to do so anywhere on the net, the only way seems to be throuh Mini Extensions, but i would prefer to not use too many different providers, that’s why i’m using Interfaces.
Since we already use Softr i was considering moving the whole interface there, but i cannot find any evidence that Softr provides this kind of check.
Any help?

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Welcome to the community, @radhe!

This is not a feature of Airtable’s forms.

You may want to check out JotForm, which offers this feature:

JotForm also has native integration with Airtable, so your form submissions will go directly into Airtable. If you need more advanced integration between JotForm and Airtable, check out Make:

Hi Scott,
Thank you very much for the answer and the welcome!
By any chance do you know if Softr has this feature?
Because i want to give users a unique point of entry to use all the interfaces i’m creating, so i don’t want to use external tools to create just the form, and then have users move back to interfaces to see what was the result of their inputs.

No, Softr doesn’t have this feature, but you don’t need to send your users to different sites. If you’re using Softr as your frontend for your users, you can just embed your JotForm form into your Softr website using the custom code block: