Can't open linked rec detail from a detail view?

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Basic interface page is a grid, listing parents. I can open a parent record in detail view and see all the rec’s info there, including linked children. So far so good.

What I want to do at this point is click on the pill representing a linked child (on the parent’s detail view) and open a detail view for the CHILD. You can do this in classic Airtable: Seems like this OUGHT to be possible because, when I select the Linked Children field on the parent detail page, the options panel on the right offers a toggle that is labeled “Allow users to open record details”. But I cannot get it to toggle ON. Does this not work? What am I missing?


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Looks like @HT_Jensen has the same question. Anybody know the answer? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I have played with this a bit more and realized that it is working for me in some of my interfaces, but not in others. I cannot see any difference between the two interfaces that would explain this.

I’m having a similar issue. When I click the + sign within the pill section to add a new child record, it used to have an option to create new record right there. It was an essential part of our work flow and I cannot figure out how to get it back. It works fine in the database, just not in the interface.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Totally agree.  This used to work and now doesn't...critical piece of workflows.  Please help ASAP.

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I had a similar problem.  Three tables each with their own interfaces in one base.  I could open the details on two of the interfaces, but not the third.  Adding another grid and deleting the old one fixed the problem for me.