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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hey All.

Curious how I might set this up.  Here's what I need.

I have a form that interested parties need to fill out, an application.

We review the potentials, and start the first pass of approvals/denials.

The next stage is taking those that enter the next pass to be reviewed by instructors(who have their own base with info that can be a linked record to draw from)

So we have a list of of records/attendees

What I want to be able to do is have each of the instructors to see the applicant, and make their ratings on each person/attendee/record.

I'd thought of setting up like dynamic tables:


Then I want an interface that makes it easier for the instructor to quickly rate each individual/potential attendee.  

I think I'm almost there, but not sure.




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Sean, what are you not sure about? Creating the interface?

A couple things.  In order for the interface to be designed properly, I need to know how to setup the table or tables.  
The end result is an interface that whomever signs in, or at least that'd be more ideal, their name would be added to the linked field...and then the same process would be the same...If this isn't possible, then 

I want to be able to have each instructor leave their ratings(example has the three separate fields) and that's it.  I'd then have a total of the scores in the table.  

I was thinking I'd be able to use dynamic tables, fields to generate something.

so for example.

  • 1) Bob Smith-
    • Instructor Tim = Rating 1, Rating 2, Rating 3
    • Instructor Sean = Rating 1, Rating 2, Rating 3
    • Instructor Mary = Rating 1, Rating 2, Rating 3
  • 2) Kim Yu-
    • Instructor Tim = Rating 1, Rating 2, Rating 3
    • Instructor Tim = Rating 1, Rating 2, Rating 3
    • Instructor Tim = Rating 1, Rating 2, Rating 3

Something like that.   As shown above, there is one record per applicant, but instead of having to have a field for each instructor's rating(which would be 9 total fields in this scenario), I find it'd be nice to have a separate table that is fed the approved applicants for this stage, to then have multiple instructors with their own rating but for just that applicant's record.  Does that make sense?

SO in order for the interface to work, I guess setting up the base/tables would be first. 

However, it would be nice, based on the "Current User" feature, to have the instructor give their own rating without overwriting the other instructor's ratings, and avoiding having e.g. 9 separate fields.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Here is how we built something similar:


  • Students: person table with at least student email
  • Graders: person table with email
  • Scores: Junction table (on record for each grader/student combination -- created through automations)
    • student email (linked to student table)
    • grader email (linked to graders table)
    • Criteria 1-X rating (single select)
    • Criteria 1-X score (number X.Y)
      • SWITCH({Task 1 Rating}, "Did not meet criteria", 1,
        "Met criteria", 2,
        "Exceeded expectations", 3, 0)
    • Criteria 1-X Comments (optional)
    •  Admin email field (your email or whomever will be admin on all the data)
      Total Score (formula sum of all criteria scores)
That should get you started. 

You lost me at Junction table 🙂 

Already a bad day LOL.

8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer


Here's what I have, a staff linked table, an applicants(with emails etc), and I believe a junction table.  However, I'm not sure I follow about how to do an array of instructors per one record with having ratings from each instructor?
also the rating fields are stars to make it easier to select)


6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

did you consider using 3rd party tools? 

Here is what I would do:
Use Softr for the tracking process

Map your data to Softr, there is a List available with a rating system you can use for each applicant 

You can invite Instructors to give ratings of their own, comment, etc. You can also assign applicants to individual instructors.  

You can check out this great video to start with Softr:

Softr is one of the leading tools for building internal applications and portals for your company or organization using your data from Airtable, Google Sheets, SmartSuite and other popular data sources. Project management tools, CRMs, employee onboarding... the possibilities are endless! You can ...

Outside software isn't an option as my company is very strict about integrating other software, but thanks!