Custom App Blocks on Interface Designer?

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4 - Data Explorer

Just started working with custom views with the Interfaces Designer today, was wondering if it’s possible to Add Buttons or my Custom App Blocks in any of the Interfaces/Views I made?

If embedding, a Custom App Blocks is not possible, is there a way to add a Button and perhaps redirect it to my Custom App Block?

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Currently the only buttons that work in interfaces are buttons that open urls.

Currently no “apps” from the dashboards/marketplace/custom apps can be used in interfaces.

Airtable staff stated that having buttons work in interfaces is definitely their roadmap, but they did not state a timeline.

Thanks for this response, but how do you actually add a Button? I do not see it in any of the elements in the Interface designer?

You can add a button field in the native grid view. Then add the button the same as any other field. But only buttons that open urls work.