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Glitch when Searching for Records in the Record Picker

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Some of my records are not coming up when I search for a part of their name in the record picker. I double-checked and it does not have a filter, so it should be able to return everything in the table.

I can get shipment #12760 by pasting in the full name of the shipment.


When I search using just the reference number 12760, however, it gives me no results. I only have one shipment with this number in the name.


For other shipments, typing in the reference number is enough to bring it up the corresponding record. I’m not sure what the difference is between the shipments that work and the shipments that fail.


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I’m having the same issue. Did you find any support?

Unfortunately not. Usually it works but I will occasionally have one that does not come up. My only workaround is to paste in the full name of the record.

I have the same issue! Hope someone addresses this soon!

It’s been a lot better for me lately so hopefully it will improve for you as well!

having this problem almost a year later…

i emailed and they said this was a bug they thought they fixed but it seems to have popped back up again. i set a filter for now